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Our Blog Is MOVING!

Our blog has moved. After 600+ blog posts, we have filled our quota for this site so we figure it was time to expand to our own domain. We have packed up and are taking our posts with us. Goodbye Gress is greener. We are moving to where the grass really is greener.

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In a few weeks our new site will go from public to private. In the interest of not wanting to share our kids lives with just anyone, we have decided to make it protected. If you sign up to get emails from our blog posts, you will get an email with how to sign up for the site login.

Our site is still under construction so hopefully in a few weeks we will have things more in order. In the meantime I have missed blogging so all blogging will now take place on the new site.

Thanks for being a part of our journey!


Happy 7th Birthday Gress!

It’s hard to believe that almost 7 years ago (tomorrow) you entered this world. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and you have managed to fill my heart with so much love. As I look back through the photos, I am again reminded of all the precious moments I got to spend with you. Oh how sweet my life has been because of you.

I have loved watching you grow, and learn, and be silly. You are special in so many ways. You are fun, adventurous and creative. You are tough and sensitive and tender. You have a huge imagination and are a great storyteller. You have a huge heart for animals and people and are never afraid to make someone’s day by talking to people. You are generous and helpful and encouraging. You are strong, and brave, and always love a good story that you can make come to life. You are smart and you like to lead. You are a good friend, a great brother, and an incredible son.

Happy 7th Birthday Gress. I can’t wait to see how God grows you this next year!

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8 months

This sweet girl is now 8 months old (ok so once again I am a little behind with this post as she is almost 9 months).

She has found her voice and will often screech out for attention, food, or just to let you know she knows how to talk.

She can clap, and wave, and loves to smile at anyone (especially the boys).

She is on the verge of crawling and can somehow find her way closer to the dog water bowl every time.

She has 4 teeth on the bottom and has 2 more on the top making their way through.

Her hair is slowly growing and yes is still red!

She is sweet and fun and happy to be along for the ride.

_MG_3530 _MG_3534 _MG_3582 _MG_3583 _MG_3621 _MG_3623 _MG_3631 _MG_3634


Dreams of a craft room…

I have taken on some creative projects (making roman shades, sewing baby gifts, using my silhouette machine I got for Christmas to make all kinds of things) so blogging has taken a back seat. I really need a craft room and hours of uninterrupted time (haha..that just made me laugh out loud at the reality of that). And as I write this Mcree has interrupted my train of thought at least 15 times and I am only 2 run on sentences in.

The weather has been gorgeous here so we are taking full advantage of our days outside. Yesterday we went to the beach for the afternoon until dinner time. It was glorious and sandy and not relaxing one bit but it was renewing and fun to watch the kids relish in God’s creation. As we were walking back to the car I heard Gress say to his buddy, “Isn’t it amazing that God made the beach and the sand? Do you know how sand is made?” Oh how I love having the beach just a short drive away. I am sure this year will be much different with a brave 3 year old who is not afraid to go neck deep (thankfully with a life jacket) and a baby who loves to feel and eat sand.

The power tools still come out on occasion as more renovation/house work is always waiting to be started or finished. Too bad we can’t teach Gress how to renovate a bathroom with just that sawzall. And Mcree has become quite independent with getting dressed and brushing his teeth. Most days he does a great job at both, although today his getting dressed consisted of just taking off his pjs and hanging out in his undies.
photo 1 photo 2photo copy photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo

Thankful Heart

My heart is thankful this week for so many things.

Time on a blanket in the sun with my friend and her newborn son catching up on life and the heartfelt letter I received from her after our visit as if I had given her a great gift when really I was the one blessed by her presence.

A farm raised dinner (quail, rabbit, roasted potatoes, sautéed collards and shelled peas and carrots), the boys accompanying the farmer for his evening chores (feeding pigs, milking the cow, wrangling chickens and the list goes on), watching all the boys frolicking in the mud, and great life giving conversation around the dinner table with sweet friends.

A 3 year old who did great at the dentist and the most accommodating dental hygienist who was not only sweet to my boys but also flossed my teeth with a baby in my lap.

A torrential downpour that turned into evening entertainment as Rad and I chuckled watching the boys in their underwear and boots running around the backyard through puddles and mud.

Watching our garden grow…worms and all!

IMG_2759 IMG_2776 IMG_2788 IMG_2794 IMG_2798 IMG_2801 IMG_2805 photo 1-2 photo 1 photo 3-1 photo 4 photo 5 photo photo 1-1 photo 2-1



Lucky Us

I love that one day a year you get a day that is your day. I grew up with a mom that always made us feel so special on our birthdays. I love doing the same for my family. And oh how my heart swelled this year watching Gress’s love for making his dad feel extra special. I came into the dining room and Gress had decorated the table, put a place card on the birthday boy’s chair and drew a photo of his dad for the table. He was so excited to get to celebrate his favorite person! And what was Mcree doing, he was busy teasing the dog and Mabry with his party blower. Lucky for us we got to celebrate Rad all day long with lots of time together which ended with an awesome stroll on the beach. Oh how blessed we all feel to have Rad in our lives!